The Circle of Forgiveness

“It takes a lot of energy to hold onto a grievance, energy that could be used for loving instead.” —David Hoffmeister

Forgiveness allows life -affirming energy to flow freely within individuals promoting optimal health and well-being.

Resentments block the flow of energy within us leading to distress and possible dis-ease.

Forgiveness permits compassionate energy to flow between ourselves and others, facilitating the possibility of mutually satisfying relationships.

Holding onto grudges blocks the flow of relational energy leading to tension and a reduced capacity for meaningful connection.

Forgiveness frees us the see the world with loving eyes, bringing us into a present moment that is always ripe with possibilities.

Bitterness causes us to see the world with overly critical eyes, often keeping us locked in negativity and hopelessness.

The healing power of forgiveness facilitates the healthy energetic flow within us, between us and around us; perpetually interrelated circles of forgiveness.